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Grooming Services & Pricing
Basic shampoo $6
Everyday Shampoo $10
Medicated shampoo (byo shampoo) $8
Flea and Tick Rinse $12
Emu Oil Shampoo $12
White n bright $12
Oatmeal and Baking Soda $12
Puppy and Kitten Shampoo $12
Black Gloss Shampoo $12
Aloe Vera Shampoo $12
The Everyday Works - Brush out, ears, eyes, nails and bath $15
The Ulimate - Flea Rinse , Brush out, ears, eyes, nails and bath $17
Pure Indulgence Package - Brush, pedicure, eyes, nails, bath & blowdry        $23 
Includes brush out, clip, ears cleaned, nails, cologne, lots of cuddles and kisses
Cat/Small Dog up to 5kg $50
Cat/Small Dog up to 10kg $55
Medium Dog up to 15kg $60
Large Dog up to 20kg $65
XLarge Dog up to 25kg $70
XXLarge Dog up to 30kg $75
XXXLarge Dog up to 40kg $80
Other Grooming Services
Colouring $20 (plus dye)
Nails Clipped $10
Wings Clipped $10

Please book an appointment

** Surcharge will apply for difficult dogs requiring restraint, extra time or biting
** Extremely Matted Dogs $10 surcharge as blades need resharpening quicker
** Fancy or show clips are dearer than basic clips quoted
** cats price range starts at $50 - $80

** Saturdays - $10 surcharge
** Christmas Eve $20 surcharge applies


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